Astian, the choir-lead vocalist turned pop-topliner, shifted his focus entirely to creating his own music after finishing high school. A self-taught pianist from an early age, Astian began crafting songs from old lyric drafts and poems he wrote during his teenage years. His music combines soulful signature vocals and catchy melodies, blending pop and R&B in a minimalistic and delicate manner.

Astian captured my full attention with his catchy song “You Should Know.” Regardless of your musical preferences, Astian offers a beautiful variety of tastes and styles that not only demand your attention but also keep you coming back for more. The instrumental is exquisite, and Astian’s vocals are captivating. The song’s quality is compelling, with excellent production and mixing. This unique track deserves to be heard worldwide. Give “You Should Know” a listen, and be sure to share it widely.

“I have taken a lot of inspiration from 21st century R&B and tried to pick from the sounds I liked as a child. At the same time as I wanted to put my own stamp on it and create a modern touch that resonates with my love of strong melodies and contemporary pop. ” – Astian

Speaking about the focus-trackYou Should Know Astian says:

You Should Know marks a slightly different direction on my EP. Here I am angry and want to put an end to people telling me what to do. This track has taken the longest time to finish but is also the one I am the most proud of production-wise. It’s the battle song to myself and my inner strength. A reminder to never let myself down and follow my heart. At the same time, the lyric reflects over the fact that it’s difficult to leave situations where you take responsibility for the other person. Hopefully this song resonates with a lot of listeners. – Astian

“My hallmark since the start of my career has been the hair over my face and subtle looks. This is because I am a relatively reserved person privately and wanted to build on that track and that mystique in my artistry. The choice of EP cover thus came naturally where I somehow wanted to tie the knot for the journey from start to where I am today. If you look at my first cover of my first single, you can clearly see that it is a consistent theme. With that said, this cover also marks the end of an era and the beginning of something new for Astian. It feels like all my luggage I have dragged on for so long has lightened and I get to show myself and what I had inside me with this collection of songs. It’s a great feeling and I’m so excited for the next chapter. ” – Astian