Just Leila’s latest EP, “Just For Me,” is a mesmerizing exploration of self-discovery and artistic liberation, enriched by her Moroccan roots. From the captivating vocals to the diverse sounds that span across genres like afrobeats, jazz, French pop, and electronica, the EP offers a unique and enchanting musical experience deeply influenced by her Moroccan heritage.

One of the standout features of “Just For Me” is Just Leila’s pure and catchy voice. Her vocals are not only captivating but also incredibly easy to listen to. Throughout the EP, she showcases a vocal prowess that is both soothing and powerful, drawing listeners into the intricate world she has crafted.

The production quality of the EP is commendable, with meticulous attention given to mixing and mastering. Each track is a testament to her commitment to delivering a top-notch sonic experience. The result is an EP that feels polished, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the richness of the music.

What sets “Just For Me” apart is not just its musical prowess but also the authenticity of Just Leila’s writing style. The lyrics are not only memorable but also convey a sense of honesty that resonates with listeners. The EP’s opener, “bits of pieces,” sets the tone for the journey ahead, ensuring listeners feel connected to an artistic exploration crafted to maintain a deep connection with the artist’s authentic essence.

My favorite track, “Desert Song” from the EP is a mesmerizing journey from start to finish. The atmospheric allure, combined with professional production and Leila’s captivating vocals, creates a unique sonic experience. The beautifully written lyrics, expressing a deep connection with the desert’s elements, make this track a standout. As Leila sings of birth, cycles, and surrendering to the desert’s power, “Desert Song” becomes a poetic and enchanting ode to the profound connection between the artist and the vast, untamed landscape.

“Just For Me” serves as a creative mantra for Just Leila, a safe space where she can protect and nurture her creativity until she is ready to share it with the world. The title track, which also serves as the EP’s closer, weaves a spoken-word narrative and haunting speak-singing alongside a spine-tingling piano, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Just For Me” is not just an EP; it’s a sonic tapestry that unfolds with each track, revealing layers of self-discovery and artistic expression. Just Leila has succeeded in creating a musical sanctuary for herself, and in doing so, she invites the audience to join her on this intimate and enchanting journey.


Just Leila was born and raised in the city of CasablancaMorocco. Surrounded by a diverse array of musical influences, ranging from jazz and French pop to Arabic melodies and R&B rhythms, her musical palette was starting to take form.

In her later years, Just Leila decided to sell her possessions to embark on a journey of travel and musical pursuit. Rooted in her personal experiences, her music serves as a therapeutic outlet, exploring themes of freedom, truth-seeking, and the importance of playfulness in life. While encouraging others to embrace their own unique path and to find joy in their creative pursuits.

Ever the wanderer, Just Leila continues to traverse the globe, carrying a suitcase brimming with musical equipment to accompany her on her adventures. Her spirit thrives in the vibrant landscapes of Costa RicaMexico, and the bustling energy of New York City—places that inspire her artistic process and fuel her musical expression.